Den Helder – On March 1, 2018 the movie “De Wilde Stad” will premiere. In preparation for this, first-year students from Scholen aan Zee are working on the wild nature in Den Helder.

The film paints a picture of the city from a completely new perspective, namely that of the often unnoticed inhabitants: the many wild animals and plants that populate the city. The Wilde Stad is a compelling cinema film about the untamed animal kingdom in an urban jungle. A city film that shows the dynamism, speed, power, beauty, humor and hilarity of the rich nature in an urban environment. Full of adventurous encounters between humans and animals, in which people are not at the center.

Also for all first-year students from Mavo aan Zee and Lyceum aan Zee, the ‘invisible’ nature in our city will become visible in the coming weeks. From 20 February they will work on the project for a number of weeks, with the final result being a 90-second film with “De Wilde Stad Den Helder” as the subject. In preparation for making the film, De Helderse Vallei gives short city safaris and pupils follow a guest lecture by the creator of the film: EMS.