Wild Amsterdam

Wild Amsterdam is a wildlife feature film with a difference — it explores one of Europe’s most vibrant and dynamic cities through the eyes of its wilder inhabitants.

A city is not just for people. In fact to a host of wildlife, the streets, canals and buildings of brick, glass and steel make a home as rich and attractive as a pristine wilderness. And Amsterdam, with its reputation for nurturing its green spaces makes a perfect stage for exploring the deep and often humorous bond between people and animals. A grey heron grabbing a meal at a market fish stall, or a brown rat raising its young in a burrow under a pavement slab is as wild and extraordinary as the hawksbill turtle or giant panda.

“Sir David Attenborough would be jealous. Great nature film, I’d really like to emphasise this. Meticulous!

– Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, DWDD –

“A dynamically filmed metropolitan nature story accompanied by uplifting music. The gaze Abatutu gives you is irresistible”

– Kester Freriks, NRC –

“Original and unique material. Wild Amsterdam shows you a hidden world under a magnifying glass”

– Ab Zagt, AD –

Spoken in Dutch. English subtitles
Total playing time: 86 minuten

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie zonder ondertitels