It’s spring. An eagle hunts above a river for food to feed its offspring. Suddenly he sees something and enters the water. Where does he dive? From a fantastic perspective we see from below how the claws of the eagle go into the water and grab a eel, and then take off again. These are the kind of special shots that make Holland: Nature in the Delta worthwhile, despite the fact that the coherence between different scenes is forced at best and the texts that Carice van Houten and Bram van der Vlugt read about it little.

Holland: Nature in the Delta is the latest nature documentary from the makers of De Nieuwe Wildernis and is the second part in an intended trilogy of nature films about Dutch flora and especially fauna. Where the focus of De Nieuwe Wildernis was only on the nature reserve the Oostvaardersplassen, that in Holland: Nature in the Delta was extended to nature reserves in the whole country and their inhabitants, from beavers in the Biesbosch that build dams to sticklebacks along the Delta Works. to find their way to the sea.