The makers The Wild City are well aware of what is happening in the city; even exotics like ringed parakeets are rightly given a warm welcome.

Man is also an animal species, but curiously he is missing in nature films. The most famous example of this is De Nieuwe Wildernis (2013) about the Oostvaardersplassen from Mark Verkerk and Ruben Smit. No human being to be seen, only wild animals in conflict with life and death. Wild (2018) about the Veluwe of Luc Enting shows how weak a nature film is of beautiful pictures. In the absence of people, fox, boar and deer are introduced as persons, which leads to slight allusions. When a father boar has a “grumpy mood” he “stepped out of the right bed with the wrong leg”. This form of nature documentary seemed, at least in our country, to reach an end point. That is why it is good that the creators of De Wilde Stad resolutely choose the animal in combination with humans. Earlier, in 2015, city ecologist Martin Melchers and presenter Merel Westrik in Amsterdam Wildlife opened our eyes to urban life.