Between Almere and Lelystad, on a piece of land that was still under water forty years ago, a new wilderness has arisen. The Oostvaardersplassen consists of a large swamp area with reed plains, rugged grasslands and ponds, making it unique for Europe. For visitors, the area is limited accessible. But do not worry because the Oostvaardersplassen can now be admired extensively in De Nieuwe Wildernis.

The unspoilt nature has naturally arisen in the drained Flevopolder. But that does not mean that man has had no influence at all in the area. For example, the horses, deer and cattle have been introduced by humans. In addition, there is a discussion about whether to intervene to prevent mass mortality during cold winters. But in general, nature can go its own way and that has already created special events such as the legendary return of the sea eagle.