SamenLeven: mens, natuur en toekomst


“With this planet we will really have to do it” says André Kuipers who, as one of the few Dutch people, has seen the earth from space. However, we are not alone on this planet. We share her with countless other life forms with which we do not always live together as easily. Our relationship with nature is complex. We love her beauty and use her products. At the same time we leave her less and less space. What is the meaning of nature?


Are we alienated from nature? What is necessary for a sustainable future? In the film ‘SamenLeven, Dialoog met de natuur’, directed by Babeth M. VanLoo and Mark Verkerk, ecologist and philosopher Matthijs Schouten talks about such questions with the biologist Frans Vera, the journalist Tracy Metz, the photographers Frans Lanting and Sacha de Boer, the philosopher Bas Haring, cosmonaut André Kuipers and the founder of the NatuurCollege Prinses Irene. He does this in the Oostvaardersplassen, a young nature reserve that originated in the Southern Flevopolder on the former bottom of the Zuiderzee. This is one of the most famous but also most controversial nature reserves in the Netherlands. It already raises all kinds of questions. It is hailed by many as a new Dutch wilderness. Others regard it as a man-made zoo.

The film ‘SamenLeven, Dialogue with Nature’ offers excerpts from the conversations between Matthijs Schouten and his guests. This book more or less fully reflects the conversations, in which a rich range of themes are reviewed. Because of the directness and openness of the conversations, it has become a book about passion and passion, about wonder and compassion, about love for life.

This book, together with the aforementioned film, forms part of the media project The New Wilderness, which also includes the educational package for primary education, ‘De Nieuwe Wildernis in de klas’.

Frans Vera “I only want to live in a world where wilderness is and is allowed to be. And that is a world that I want to leave my children behind. ”

Tracy Metz “Nature – that often sounds like one of the interests that play, like politics, the economy, and that is not the case! Nature, that is the basis of everything. ”

Frans Lanting “This will stay with me for a long time.”

Bas Haring “I am part of nature, but I am also part of many other things; I am part of everything. ”

Sacha de Boer “You really have a kind of ‘reset button’ that is pressed in one way or another when you are in nature.”

Andre Kuipers “A lot of people simply do not realize what is going on. Here, in our own small world, we easily think ‘O trees enough, fish enough’. ”

Princess Irene “Every human being on earth matters and determines the future of the earth.”

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SamenLeven: mens, natuur en toekomst

Auteurs essays

Matthijs Schouten en Moniek Nooren


Foto omslag Ruben Smit


Ton Okkerse en Ignas van Schaick


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