Eindeloos Bewustzijn


In this 86 minute cinema version of Eindeloos Bewustzijn – the film we explore the transformative character of four NDEs on the basis of their testimonies. Although each person experienced his own unique experience, there are striking aspects that they unanimously share with each other. People with such an experience are less afraid of death. Furthermore, they show less interest in external and material matters, feel one with nature and with many of them developed a high intuitive and healing gift …

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86 min PAL 16: 9 | All Regions | Dutch spoken + English subtitles

Director & scenario: Mark Verkerk
With: Pim van Lommel, Raymond Moody, Carlo Leget, Joke Endedijk-van der Jagt, Cindy Wielders, Paul Derks, Bart Sikkens, and Reinier Tilanus
Camera: Mark Verkerk and René Heijnen
Assembly: Jos Driessen
Editors: Anne-Berthe van Chastelet-Emmen
Final editing: Babeth M. VanLoo
Producer: Ton Okkerse

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