De Scheet en Andere Verhalen uit De Nieuwe Wildernis


For one and a half years, Henk’s microphones were in the Oostvaardersplassen and the animals were given the chance to immortalize themselves. For a year and a half they got the chance to become part of the soundtrack of the New Wilderness.

Unfortunately, some animals did not understand much of Henk’s good intentions. Geese demanded too much attention, crows just sat singing when they had to compete with an airplane and foxes interfered with the arrangement of the equipment several times.

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But Henk is not the person to send nature to media training. No exercises in modesty for the gray goose, no training ‘how can I be heard’ for the black crow and no audiotechnics course for the fox. ‘If the animals find the way to the stage too easily’, says Henk, ‘it is no longer a challenge and I might as well start working in a studio.’ No, Henk can also enjoy failures afterwards. ‘They might deliver the best stories.’

The results of Henk’s hard work can be heard in the film The New Wilderness. The film is a visual spectacle, revealing both the beauty and the raw wilderness of this unique place. The aim is to surprise the viewer and to wonder how genius the ecological system functions in a piece of Dutch wilderness. Whoever enters the almost inaccessible Oostvaardersplassen, imagines himself in a world far from here. Large and large. The Netherlands like you’ve never seen or heard before.

According to Henk Meeuwsen, all animals deserve to be heard, even if they are vocally less fortunate. By putting his microphones in the field, he not only offers a stage to the golden throats from the animal kingdom, but also gives geese, scratching crows and whining foxes a voice. An excellent opportunity for these less popular animals to do something about their image.

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De scheet en andere verhalen uit De Nieuwe Wildernis

Auteurs essays

Henk Meeuwsen (geluidsman De Nieuwe Wildernis)


Siegfried Woldhek, Ed Hazebroek


Joost Huijsing (hoofdredacteur Vroege Vogels Radio)


14 bij 20 cm






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22 november