City ecologist Geert Timmermans was one of the advisors to the new cinema film De Wilde Stad about nature in the capital. How does the film relate to nature in Amsterdam? ‘Inattentive pigeons are being grazed by a peregrine falcon. I find that very beautiful. ‘

‘The Wild City. Unseen nature ‘is the new film from EMS Films, the production company of director Mark Verkerk and producer Ignas van Schaick. The company has previously made films such as De Nieuwe Wildernis, Holland, nature in the delta and De Wilde Boerderij. In De Wilde Stad the viewer looks at nature in the inner city of Amsterdam through the eyes of a headstrong house cat. In addition, a fur company passes by, such as ringed parakeets, rats, bees, cows, sparrows, herons, city pigeons, swifts, foxes and walking red American crayfish.