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Inspired by Nature

An expedition to the undiscovered treasure of nature.
We humans are facing enormous challenges to our civilization. Climate change, the burden on the world’s oceans and non-renewable energies are but a few of our global environmental
problems. The good news, however, is that there are solutions. And we can find them in nature.

In 3.8 billion years of evolution, our planet has created millions of species of animal and plant which have more sustainable answers to our problems than we previously thought. The key to these important findings in nature is the still young, but booming science of biomimicry. Nature is a master of effective production: she produces economically, with a minimum of energy and resources and always returns all waste products back into the cycle.

To decode these processes in nature and thus find innovative, environmentally friendly technical solutions for humankind is the mission of American scientist, Janine Benyus. The “Mother of Biomimicry”, as she is known, travels untiringly to teach designers, engineers, architects and others all around the world to adopt the principles and modus operandi of our natural environment. Her creed: Humankind must reintegrate itself into nature’s cycles and adapt to the fantastic principles of nature in order to continue to survive on this planet.

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Biomimicry – Inspired by Nature
Biomimetismo – Inspirado por la naturaleza
Documentary Filmed in HD
Length: 4 x 52’
Films by: André Rehse
Co-Produced by: Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion
with EMS Film / BR / ZDF / ARTE